GLH Spray Review

Men and women who suffer from thinning or whispy hair enjoy instant, fuller-looking hair by using GLH sprays.  GLH sprays come in a variety of colors to hide thinning patches on dark, blond, or even gray hair.

The spray contains colored fibers that attach and cling to existing thin hair, giving it instant bulk and increasing the size of each hair strand 5 to 6 times in volume.  Even if the scalp is nearly visible, GLH spray will cover the balding spot with tiny fibers, giving the appearance of hair where once there was none.

After use, the GLH spray simply washes out using shampoo.  A new application must be used after each washing.  However, the makers of GLH spray encourage men and women who use the product to go swimming while wearing it.

The ingredients in GLH are iron oxides, talc, and fumed silica, which help create the colored fibers that cling to thin hair and scalp.

Benefits of GLH Spray

The benefit of GLH is simply the appearance of fuller hair.  GHL does not re-grow lost hair, nor does it have an impact on shrinking hair follicles influenced by DHT, the culprit for genetic hair loss.  It is simply a one-time use product that provides the wearer an instant head of fuller-looking hair thanks to the silicon fibers that cling to thinning hair.

Since the colored spray helps thicken existing hair, it is best used on men and women who still have hair.  Medium to large bald spots may have an unnatural appearance after the use of GLH.

The daily use may also be a benefit to some who do not want to undergo drug treatments or other treatments the inhibit the DHT hormone in the body.  With GLH, you simply spray, go, and wash, making it extremely easy to use.

Method of Treatment

GLH comes in arasol spray cans in a variety of colors.  The product also has different sized fibers for use with small, medium or larger balding or thinning spots.  The product is simply sprayed onto the thinning area and dries quickly.  To remove, the product easily washes away during shampooing.

Costs of GLH Spray

Costs of GLH are about $14 per can.  Depending on the frequency and amount of each use, each can may last about 2 to 3 weeks.

Side Effects

Side effects are minimal, but with any substance used topically, it may cause dry, itchy, red or burning skin.  If the product is used near sensitive eyes, the spray may cause burning or irritation.