Best Hairstyles for Male Pattern Baldness

December 16, 2009

Male pattern baldness, or MPB, is rampant in most men.  Hair begins thinning for some at a young age, even in the teens, and most men with MPB show signs of hair loss by age of 60.  However, if you are suffering from pattern baldness, you can still enjoy a great hairstyle!

Styles to Avoid

The clichéd comb-over is obsolete.  This style has been around for hundreds of years.  Even the American colonial hero, Benjamin Franklin, used the comb-over.  Although it may have been fashionable in 1776, the comb-over is no longer regarded as a style in the 21st century.

Men even went so far as to wear wigs in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Perhaps it was a way to hide baldness and hair thinning?  Nevertheless, men today also use wigs, known as hairpieces or toupees.  However, toupees are not natural-looking and are difficult to maintain.  If you are showing the signs of MPB, avoid the temptation to grab a hairpiece.

Growing your hair long in the back may have been chic for rock stars like Phil Collins in the 1980s, but today it is just not hip.  In fact, it has a tendency to draw attention to the bald areas on top.

Good Hair Style Tips

You can use hair product in your existing hair to help give it a fluffier, fuller look.  Avoid gels, which tend to weigh down hair.  Instead, opt for volume-building mousse and hair conditioners.  Your hair length should be at least 1 or 2 inches to get the volume needed to hide the appearance of MPB.

Another hair style was made popular by David Schwimmer who played the character Ross Geller in the television sitcom, Friends.  The style is to keep hair at about an inch or less and comb it forward toward the face.  This may be helpful in hiding thinning on top of the head.

Of course, one of the most popular hairstyles in the 21st century for men with MPB is no hair.  The clean, shaved look has become very handsome for men with all head shapes.  Don’t be afraid to simply shave it all and show your natural head!


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